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Out of the Mouths of Homeschoolers

The other night I was trying to read to my boy at bedtime. Although the story was getting very exciting and the main characters were being attacked by pirates, he was squirming around, crawling under the covers, interrupting every few words joking about the unusual names of places and things. Finally, I said,”Look, I can’t read to you if you don’t listen. Tell me what is happening in the story right now, or I will stop reading.” He pulled the covers over his head and said,” I wish there were more kids in this class, so you wouldn’t ask me all the questions.”

It was so unexpected and surprising that I cracked up, then forgave him and kept reading (when I could keep from chuckling).


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Sharing our Christmas with You

Pages can be paused and individual photos can be enlarged and then reduced if you click on them. Be sure to watch the funny video at the end of our dog chasing a Weazel Ball.

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