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Welcome to Hilltop Homeschool.  (See dated additions below)

 I am a grandmother and retired teacher raising a now 8 year old right-brained boy who is a creative learner, gifted in some areas, delayed in others and diagnosed a few years ago with mild Asperger's Syndrome. We are eclectic homeschoolers, which means we do what works for us! I would say we are unschoolers, but we are not strictly so, since we use programs like Time-4-Learning (mostly for math) and "Story of the World" for history. His passions are science and building things, so much of what we do revolves around those things. The header shows the trees surrounding our hilltop home. Our woods give us lots of learning opportunities, too.

This blog was created to share some videos and Smilebox presentations with homeschool friends and other parents interested in learning how to share stuff about their kids, and also so I could share some information about educational science and technology "stuff" I use with my own future scientist or engineer grandson. It may expand, but that is the current focus. I keep adding as I come up with new things, so check back often. And please leave a comment to let me know what you want to know about that I just might possibly be able to help with, or to make suggestions of your own. If you ask a question, and choose "subscribe to comments," you will be notified when I respond.

Just call me a "Senior Research Consultant in Child Development and Specialized Education." (in other words, a blogging grandmother raising and homeschooling a child with unique learning needs and interests)

From now on, many new entries will be posted as pages (see the tabs above) or added to those pages. (Technology and Homeschooling has been updated with new photos and links.)

Jan 31, '09 - "Our Science Videos" has a new Smilebox added - "Nature Notebook," and "Technology" has new info and links.

Feb. 01, '09 - "Scrapbook" page added with pictures and "movie" of pages.

Feb. 08, '09 - "Activities & Field Trips" page added with video of old music box & phonographs, and photos with write up about making a Chinese New Year dragon puppet.

Feb. 09, '09 - New link and info on Worldwide Telescope on "Technology & Homeschool" page.

Feb. 10, '09 - New info and link to new "Did You Know" video emphasizing importance of learning how to learn on "Technology & Homeschool."

Special welcome to my on-line friends!


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“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” William Butler Yeats


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