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This is just a bit of the Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival this year in rural north-central Ohio. It is held each year in honor of the acknowledged author of “Dixie”, Daniel Decatur Emmett, a vaudeville performer who was born and sometimes lived in Mount Vernon, Ohio. That’s right, “Dixie” was written by a Yankee!

This festival is true Americana – small town community fun with the heat, humidity, fiddle music, crafts, sore feet and $5.00 onion rings! The youth performers were much better than I expected. I didn’t know there was so much talent in our community!

Since I am no longer able to post videos without paying an annual fee, I put just half of the flash mob dance into a Smilebox creation.

 The flash mob dance was practiced for weeks, but kept pretty much a secret, although the media was notified. We (Dana and I) were supposed to be part of it, but I was afraid it was asking too much of him. The heat that day would have been hard on both of us, too. It can’t compare to Oprah’s birthday surprise flashdance, but it was good small town fun. Our day ended when the black clouds rolled in quickly after the flash mob dance, and we barely made it back to our car and got out before the storm broke.

It was fun and we got plenty of walking exercise and still avoided a heat stroke!

If you can wait for the download, I think you will enjoy the slightly less than 2 minutes of the flashdance. In fact, click here, go read your e-mail for two or three minutes, then come back to view. If you hear squealing and hollering, it has started. Just click the circle arrow to start it over. To view a professionally filmed and edited version with better music sound, click here to see it on Youtube.


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Swim Fun

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Hurray for Dana! He practiced hard all week and passed his test for purple belt in Kenpo Karate! He is learning that hard work pays off. The moves are getting longer and harder to remember, but he is giving it his “Black Belt effort” and is learning them.

Congratulations to Dana for doing your best and succeeding!

I am proud of him. But more importantly, he is proud of himself.

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At last a cure for HDD (Homeschool Desperation Disorder)!

What a wonderful day! There was nothing much special about the day, except that everything was special. The weather was glorious! The air smelled sweet, the sun was shining, the grass was green and the Spring flowers are blooming. We got in plenty of learning activities including spelling, math, grammar, and science. Dana practiced his karate moves for his orange belt test tomorrow and did them well. Then, because I have a bad case of Spring fever and could not do a lick of housework, we spent most of the rest of the day outside together enjoying our woods and grounds, just Dana and me and the dog makes three. Ahh! If every day were like this, I would think I was in heaven.

I received an email today from Diane Keith at Clickschooling, in which she discussed HDD – Homeschool Desperation Disorder. I can really relate to that. I suffered enough days this Winter with HDD. It is so wonderful to find relief. Her remedy involved doing outside activities learning about and just enjoying nature. So if you suffer from HDD, try it. It really works! Hope you can find your own little bit of heaven, even when the indoor homeschooling causes desperation.

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Dana and I went for a walk in our woods.

The flowing stream is very relaxing.

We found a bird nest from last year on the ground.


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The kids, including Dana, make mistakes in this video, but they are just starting to learn the moves required for getting their orange belt. The instructor is wonderful in working with them. He is tolerant and forgiving, but also sets some standards they must meet or leave the mat. Dana’s ability to function properly in the class has greatly improved, and he is proud of himself. He now goes twice a week, but wishes he could go every day!

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